Welcome to the Mathias Lab!

We primarily study mast cells and the interactions of mast cells with other immune cells during allergic responses.

About the Lab

Research in the Mathias Lab follows two main directions:

  • Investigation of the roles of immune cells during allergic diseases.
  • Study of the mechanisms governing the homeostasis and activation of mast cells during immune responses.

Currently, the primary focus of the lab is the examination of various factors that may modulate mast cell responses during food allergy development. These include assessment of the roles of diet, epigenetic modifications, microbiota, and cytokines on mast cell activation and function during oral allergen exposure. However, we are also interested in the contribution of mast cells to other diseases, including other allergic diseases such as asthma, as well as non-IgE-mediated conditions. Furthermore, we are also interested in the dynamics of mast cell interactions with other cell types, especially the crosstalk between mast cells and T cells as well as other immune cells.